In today’s fast-paced world, almost everyone needs everything right away. Time has become much more valuable than ever. But that is why we tend to skip over certain things, and we know that for ourselves.

It is important that when borrowing, we never regret spending time on the market and making calculations . We’ll show you why!

It doesn’t really matter which bank we choose


We think it’s superfluous to say, but no. In eight out of ten cases, it is not our account-keeping bank that receives the credit that is favorable to us , but another credit institution. What we can lose, however, is well over 10-20 thousand HUF.

It is therefore extremely important to gather as much information as possible about these loans. As is customary, of course, these statements will be supported by figures.

This is shown in the loan calculator


Let’s make a calculation for a loan of 12 million for 20 years. At the moment, the cheapest monthly installment comes to HUF 53,822. And for the entire term, it’s $ 12,946,058 that we refer to the bank.

By contrast, the most expensive solution would cost you $ 61,126 a month, compared to a total of $ 14,769,102. If you look closely, you would regret not less than $ 1.8 million in 20 years if you didn’t take the time to compare a quick loan.

A good hourly wage is to earn (save) $ 2 million with a 2-minute calculation. Even the richest see this as something to drink.

Same loan for another term

Same loan for another term

It is also interesting to see what installment calculator the same loan will throw out for different maturities. So stay with the cheapest loan above (20 years, 53,822 monthly repayments, 12,946,058 total repayments).

If we take the loan for 13 years, the repayment will be HUF 75,940, but only a total of HUF 11,875,397 will be repaid. That is, if we take out a loan for a shorter period, we are more than 1 million forints better. Again, this is not a negligible amount.

And it was just 2 quick calculations. Think about what can still come to light if we count savings and play a little “credit”. Contact us! We do all the calculations with your data and help you get the most out of your credit

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