The Spanish stock market could expand its mattress above the level of 6,500 points that it has managed to save in recent days. The futures of the main European squares point to a rebound close to 1%. The infrastructure projects that China will relaunch occur on the eve of the expected European summit to foster economic growth .

To relaunch economic growth


The euro is strengthened, on the verge of $ 1.28.The day dawns with a more reassuring sign than in previous days. References help this regrowth of trust. Late yesterday Wall Street, despite the Facebook prick, closed with increases higher than 1%. This morning the Asian stock exchanges have also moved above the percentage point of earnings. One of the great stimuli has come from China, ready to start new infrastructure megaprojects in an attempt to relaunch economic growth.

Stoked the debate over Eurobonds


The upward wake of the US and Asia favors advances, even close to 1%, in the futures of the main European exchanges. This improvement coincides with the celebration, tomorrow, of the European summit focused on stimulating economic growth. This shift towards policies less corseted by austerity has stoked the debate over Eurobonds, despite the opposition of Germany.

Improvement of banking


The positive tone of the futures would allow Good Finance to reinforce and expand its mattress over 6,500 points. The Spanish selective index has closed the last three days on this level. Today I could search for 6,600. For this, it would have to count on the improvement of banking. At the moment, the risk premium offers a small truce, by repeating over 480 basis points, a few hours before the result of the Treasury bill auction is known. In the forex market, the euro touches $ 1.28, and in the commodities market, Sean Cole recovers $ 109 and gold continues at a rate of $ 1,600 an ounce.

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