The New Good Finance 2017 , whose applications were launched last January 2, represents a facilitating tool established by the Law of the Law (art. 2, DL 69/2013). The nomative offers an opportunity to improve competitiveness and allow easy access to credit by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, for the purchase of machinery, plant and equipment.

Refinanced with the latest stability law

Refinanced with the latest stability law

Total of 560 million euros have been allocated for the two-year period 2017-218. The basic idea is to want to represent a convincing aid to help the renewal and growth of the heart of Italian companies, especially SMEs. The loans must amount to between 20,000 and 2 million euros, and can cover up to 100% of the investments started.

Since February 15th, the MISE has published an explanatory circular, the n. 14063, with all the necessary instructions for the presentation of facilitation applications to take advantage of the so-called increased contribution , against investments relating to digital technologies and waste tracking and weighing systems, for which 20% of the total budget is envisaged. With Decree of the General Director for business incentives n. 811/2017, from the current month of March it is possible to present your application for the increased contribution.

The financing provided so as to be able to invest in innovation


SMEs can access the financing provided so as to be able to invest in innovation without suffering too much, but not only: with the increased contribution, the Government also wanted to keep an eye on companies operating in the green economy, particularly in waste management.

All this, in line with the content discussed in the “Industry 4.0” plan, presented last September by the Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda, which aims to promote innovation in businesses by stimulating their willingness to invest in digitization and the development and automation of new production processes.

In this way it will be possible to grasp the real advantages of the so-called “fourth industrial revolution”, which aims at technology to increase competitiveness and efficiency in the product manufacturing process.

Investing in waste management

Investing in waste management

In particular, offers interesting environmental implications, but it is also an opportunity to reduce waste and to ensure a more careful management of its resources. Properly feeding the recycling chain helps to make hygiene services less expensive and reduce related taxes.

The official reference link of the Nuova Good Finance, with all the forms and the most frequent questions is that of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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